Week 5 Term 3 Specialist Day!

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to Specialist Day for Week 5! Don’t forget you can do these activities in any order you decide. Remember to email the specialist teacher if you have any questions about your work. All of our emails are on our slides. Please also remember to post your amazing work to Seesaw. We love to see it!

Have fun today! Can’t wait to see you in your Google Meet at 9am. Please remember to put yourself on mute when you enter the Meet and remember to only write friendly things in the chat.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Kristie, Yumi, Lisa, Jess and Yolanda 🙂

9am Google Meet

Japanese with Sensei Yumi-san

PE with Lisa

Performing Arts with Kristie


Week 4 Reflection – Mary MacKillop Feast Day

Celebrating our Patron, Saint Mary MacKillop, was a great way to end yet another week of great learning in Year Two.

Although this year our celebrations looked a bit different, we still managed to join together as a community for this special day.

It was a pleasure to see you all engaging in the liturgy with family, cooking Mary inspired treats and completing fun activities about Mary.

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What was something new you learnt about Mary this week?

What was a highlight of your celebrations today?

How will you try to be more like Mary MacKillop in your actions?


Happy Mary Mac Feast Day Everyone! 

Today you will need the Mary Mac Learning Packs you received in the mail.

If your pack hasn’t arrived you can download and print the activities from the slides or newsletter. If you don’t have a printer email your teacher and they will be sent to Seesaw.

Follow the slides prepared by the Faith & Mission and Active Citizenship Leadership Teams and have a great day!

Literacy Planet

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 11.54.52

Our school was lucky enough to Win a 6 month subcription to Literacy Planet! This means that we have full access to this fun and engaging online resource. Students can access their LiteracyPlanet account on any internet connected computer or tablet device.  You can find your child’s logins details on their Seesaw account.

Have fun LiteracyPlaneteers!


As we come to the end of another great week of learning, let’s think about the new skills we have developed.

Throughout the week we continued to look at different ways of measuring length, such as indirect comparison, meaning to use a third object to help measure and compare the length of straight and curved lines. We measured and some of us even double checked with another item to ensure we were measuring the length accurately.

In visualisation, we moved from single sentences to short passages. The development of our ability to visualise in order to remember and understand texts over the past week has grown so much!

Investigating our animal was another highlight of the week. Yes, we know lots about our chosen animal, but we discovered that we can continue to learn more and more by using educational websites for research.

It has been a great week of extending and challenging ourselves!


I wonder which task has been your favourite this week?

I wonder if you can find other objects you could use to measure length?

I wonder what was the most interesting fact you found out about your animal?

Have a great weekend!

From Sarah, Clare, Vivian and Steph



Morning Message:

You can find your Daily Learning Slides on Seesaw. Don’t forget to check your Google Meet schedule!

If you have any questions please contact your homegroup teacher.

Clare will be supervising on site today, and will do her best to get back to you.

Have a great day, and a great weekend.

Stay safe.

-Clare, Sarah, Stephanie and Vivian

Morning Message – Tuesday July 28th

Good morning Year Two and families,

Please find the morning message for today below. Be sure to check the Specialist slides for your tasks and information about the Google Meet with the Specialist teachers this morning.

Happy birthday to Stephanie, Asurito’s homegroup teacher. We all hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your family.

Have a great day everyone,

-Sarah, Stephanie, Vivian and Clare