Afternoon message

Hope you have enjoyed your second day of remote learning !

From Clare, Sarah, Stephanie and Vivian

13 thoughts on “Afternoon message

  1. Catherine Fabri says:

    Thank you for preparing lots of different fun activities for us to complete.
    Alexa suggested how to use a hoop safely so that no one would get hurt.
    Mia showed a person how to perform a magic trick.
    We hope you are having a good time. We miss you so much

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    • sarahcardamone says:

      Mia and Alexa sounds like you’ve both had a great day at school with Cate today !
      I am having a good time just missing all the year 2’s and school .
      Hope to see you soon !


  2. sarahcardamone says:

    Hi Emma, it’s great to hear that you are enjoying all of your work that the year 2 teachers have prepared for everyone !
    I had a great day today seeing lots of amazing work from all the year 2’s .

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  3. Sham srour says:

    Hey Sarah it’s Alexa here I did have lots of fun today it was great to hope you hard a great Easter I did we went on a hunt Mia was great too ibento, medaru , kiroku and wel l very body had soo much fun we all miss you so much we really want to see you sad we can’t on every friday I’ll be home schooling please God mum and dad don’t be too look strick please be non strick like all Ways we miss you . From Alexa and the rest of my family♡♡♡♡♡


    • sarahcardamone says:

      Hi Alexa,
      I’m glad to see you are having fun at school. Oh no but i hope to see you soon !
      Enjoy your time at home I’m sure homeschooling with mum and dad will be fun !!
      Miss you aswell !

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  4. Sham srour says:

    Hi Sarah I’m really existed to write a comment we had a great day we miss you so much and hope you had a great Easter I did I hope Tom had a great Easter to and your family miss you from Alexa

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