Specialist Day Week 6

Hello Year 2! Can you believe it is Week 6 already! All of us specialist teachers can’t believe what an amazing job you are doing at your Remote Learning each week. We hope you are enjoying your specialist classes.

Today you have a Google Meet at 9am with Kristie. Last week it was fantastic how everyone stayed on mute until asked to speak. Just like in our learning spaces! Have a think about 1 thing you would like to share with everyone tomorrow in our Google Meet. Maybe you lost a tooth, had a birthday, got a new cat! Who knows?! We would love to hear it! Remember too that the chat is there to say hello, but there is no need to write ‘hi’ 100 times each!

Here are the instructions to join your Google Meet again.

Here are your lessons for today. Keep up the great work everyone! We can’t wait to see your work on Seesaw!

Yumi, Lisa, Kristie, Jess and Yolanda

PE with Lisa

JAPANESE with Sensei Yumi


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