Specialist Day Tuesday 8th September 2020

Hello amazing Year 2 students! Can you believe it is Week 9?!

You have been part of history – completing your schooling remotely while helping to keep everyone as safe as possible from Covid 19. Well done on all the amazing, creative, wonderful things you have done on Tuesdays this term. It has been so fantastic for us as your teachers to see you continue to learn and grow even though we couldn’t be together. Go Year 2!

Tomorrow you have a Google Meet at 9am. It is with Kristie again – I wonder if you can find something in your house that you can bring to the Google Meet that starts with T? (T because you are in Year TWO!)

Remember you can do your lessons in any order you choose and don’t forget to email the teacher whose lesson it is if you need help. Our emails are on the first slides.

Have a wonderful day! We will see your work on Seesaw!

Lisa, Yumi, Kristie, Jess and Yolanda.

How to join your Google Meet


Performing Arts


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