Week 4 Reminders!

Dear Parents and families,

Please find attached some changes and reminders for our week.

Inquiry Artefact: If you have not yet brought an artefact that is special to you, please bring it along this week to share with your class mates

Sport Uniform Changes : Please wear your sport uniform on THURSDAY instead of TUESDAY this week as there has been a change of specialist day due to Naplan.

Parish Mass: On Friday we will be celebrating our first Parish Mass for Term 2, beginning at 12.15pm. Family and friends are most welcome to attend.

Do you have any boxes at home? Please bring these to school for a special Lane community project.

Winter uniform: A reminder that we have now progressed to Winter uniform.. Students are encouraged to wear beanies, scarves and jackets on cold days, as well as gumboots on grassy areas, like the paddock. Please bring your labelled gumboots to store at school.

If you have any questions about the above changes, please feel free to email your child’s homegroup teacher.

Thanks from the Year Two team

– Stephanie, Anna, Vivian and Michelle

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