Learning from Home in Week 7

Good afternoon Year Two students and families! 

We have been busily getting learning ready for remote learning next week. To help you, we have prepared some information that will give you a good idea about how learning will look.


Each day will involve:

  • 9am Google Meet – Greet each other, morning prayer and talk about what is happening each day
  • Three learning tasks (these will be posted to Seesaw by 5pm the afternoon before)
  • A Literacy Google Meet one day during the week with your teacher (a schedule will be sent out on Seesaw before Monday). 
  • Three learning tasks to be completed by child with family support as needed
  • Literacy intervention will continue and will be communicated via Cate or Megan


  • We will be using Seesaw to share the learning tasks and for students to post their learning
  • You can add more than one image to each post 
  • We will provide feedback via voice record, written comment or like of the post 

Please understand that tasks provided are suggested learning activities and we encourage you to do what is manageable for you and your family. 

If you need any extra support or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Hope to see you soon.

Stay safe!

Stephanie: stephanie.disalvatore@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

Vivian: vivian.Rosales@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.a

Anna: anna.hill@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

Michelle: michelle.marsh@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

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