Week 4 Reminders!

Dear Parents and families,

Please find attached some changes and reminders for our week.

Inquiry Artefact: If you have not yet brought an artefact that is special to you, please bring it along this week to share with your class mates

Sport Uniform Changes : Please wear your sport uniform on THURSDAY instead of TUESDAY this week as there has been a change of specialist day due to Naplan.

Parish Mass: On Friday we will be celebrating our first Parish Mass for Term 2, beginning at 12.15pm. Family and friends are most welcome to attend.

Do you have any boxes at home? Please bring these to school for a special Lane community project.

Winter uniform: A reminder that we have now progressed to Winter uniform.. Students are encouraged to wear beanies, scarves and jackets on cold days, as well as gumboots on grassy areas, like the paddock. Please bring your labelled gumboots to store at school.

If you have any questions about the above changes, please feel free to email your child’s homegroup teacher.

Thanks from the Year Two team

– Stephanie, Anna, Vivian and Michelle

Mother’s Day

We look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow afternoon with all our Mums and special women.

Entry to school is via family gates at 2:30pm. Children will be in family groups in the homeroom of the youngest sibling. Please see the attached map

There is a limit of 2 adults per family and we ask that all of our adult visitors wear masks. 

A story will be shared and special craft activities are planned.

We look forward to celebrating the mums and special women in the lives of our students tomorrow!

Special Women!

Tomorrow in our Lane Community, we will be reflecting on our Mothers. As part of this, we would love you to please bring in a photo of you and your Mum or a special women in your life.

You can either bring your photo or email to your teacher!

Sharing our stories!

This Term for Inquiry  we are exploring, ourselves, our community and our culture.

We recognise that everyone is different and everyone has their own story. To help tell our stories, we can share items that are special to us.

Today the Year Two Teachers got to share their stories using artefacts. They shared their story and explained why each artefact was important to them. They identify what makes them who they are today. 

Now it’s your turn! With your family we would like you to pick an artefact that you think makes you who you are today. This might be a photo, a symbol or an object.

Please bring along this item sometime this week so we can share it with the class. If the object is very special and you do not want to bring it to school, you can take a photo of it and email it through to your teachers!

St Joseph Feast Day Mass

Today we celebrated the Feast of St Joseph with our very first mass! 

It was wonderful to share in a special celebration about a great saint. A saint who was an ordinary and humble man and who was the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus here on earth.

Watch the reflection video below and think about all the wonderful things you have discovered this week about St Joseph.
What connections have you made to your learning and to your own life?

As a family you might like to continue to share your learning using these questions:

Why was St Joseph a special person to so many people including Mary MacKillop?

How are you going to be more like St Joseph?

What did you notice when you were at mass today?

Photos of our fathers

As we prepare to celebrate the Feast day of St Joseph on Friday, we are reflecting on the qualities of Jesus’ foster father and making connections with our own fathers/important males in our life.

We would love to have students to bring a photo of their own father to share, which will assist with our reflection. You are most welcome to email these photographs to your child’s teacher before Thursday.

Thanks families!

– Stephanie, Vivian, Michelle and Anna

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Enter the Caritas K’s competition this Friday

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Arsad’s story. Arsad is from Indonesia and with no toilet in their house, his family had to use the forest instead. With the help of Caritas, Arsad was able to participate in hygiene and sanitation training and he worked with the community to build working toilets for homes. 

This week we stand in solidarity with those who often have to walk for basic food, services and supplies with our Caritas Ks competition. Get your pedometers ready for Friday and get walking. Follow the steps below to enter!

Please note: You can bring a donation and walk even if you don’t have a pedometer!

Please complete our prayer survey

Dear families,

This year, we are fortunate enough to be part of a Prayer Collective with the Melbourne Archdiocese. As part of this, we are collecting data about what staff, students and families know and feel about prayer. Below is a very brief, anonymous survey.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete this survey before Thursday! If you would prefer a hard copy, please email Anna on anna.hill@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

Many thanks in advance!

Come dressed as your future self on Friday

SMCM, you are superstars! We have now raised $1131 for Caritas!

This week our Caritas Friday connects to Oliva’s story. Oliva is from the Solomon Islands and she was unable to read, write or count. Caritas Australia helped to give her a future by enrolling her in Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Help Caritas support others like Oliva by dressing up as your future self and donating a gold coin on Friday!

Wear a splash of blue for Caritas this Friday!

Last week we raised an amazing $541 for Caritas Project Compassion. Well done SMCM – giving to others (almsgiving) is an important part of Lent and it helps us to become closer to God.

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Margret’s story. Margaret is a teacher at a vocational school for deaf students in the Solomon Islands. Margret and her students face water shortages and they have to walk off campus twice a day to collect safe drinking water. 

We have reflected on Margret’s story in Religious Education this week and we are even going to take up a water challenge later in the week! Stay tuned!

How would you feel if you were Margret?

How did Caritas help Margret and her students?