Home Learning

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

As apart of our home learning, you can access the sites below!


Matific is an online, interactive website with set games and activities. It can be accessible at www.matific.com.au

Each child has an individual Matific login that has their individual username and password on it. All activities have been assigned by their Homegroup teacher.


Sunshine Online

Click on the pictures below to access Sunshine Online. Select a book to read and activity that matches your home reading books.

Use the following username and password to login:

Username: smcm3076  Password: smcm3076


SMCM Titlewavs

Titlewavs is an audio book website where students can listen to stories. Click on the link to see what books are available!



Meet our new FISH!

Over the past week each year 2 class have adopted some fish!

We have been learning about how to look after them, feed them and how often we need to clean their tanks!

What did your class name their fish?

How many fish do you have?

How often do we need to feed them?

Share a fact you have learnt about fish!


Friendly Reminders

Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

A friendly reminder for your child to bring the following items to school:

  • A box of tissues
  • Art smock
  • Library bag
  • Take home book bag

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 16.52.00Please refer to the timetable posted below for the days that your child is required to bring book bags to school.

Days, Months and Seasons

In Year Two we have kicked off our year by learning about the days of the week, months of the year, seasons and how to use calendars. We have practised ordering the events of each day and sorting the months into seasons. We have discussed how calendars can be used and constructed our own.

Sing along and practise ordering the days of the week and months of the year!

What month is your birthday in? What season will it be?

What is the best thing about having a birthday in that season?

What day of the week will your birthday be on this year? How will you find out?




Welcome Year Two families to 2019,

We hope you have had a safe and relaxing break. The Year Two’s have settled back into the Boulevard and are excited about the learning ahead of them.

Below you will find information about our weekly routine. This information is also located under the ‘Weekly Reminders’ tab.

We look forward to working together this year!

Screenshot 2019-02-04 at 17.03.06