Hi Year Two families and friends,

Please join us for our SMCM Community Market on Friday 6th of December from 2.45-3.25pm.

For a gold coin donation you will receive 30 SMCM dollars to spend on all the goodies you like!

See you then!

12 days of Aussie Christmas!

Dear Year Two students, teachers and families,

We are just over a week away for our big annual Carols community event on Friday the 13th December. Year two’s will be singing the 12 Days of Aussie Christmas.

To be well prepared here is the clip to practise at home.
What is your favourite animal and action in the song?

From Jess


Dear Parents,

We are still in desperate need of magazines, shoe boxes, newspapers and ribbons.  If you have any of these items that you are able to donate, the Year 2 students would love to use them in creating their items for the upcoming SMCM market.

Thanks so much!

The Year 2 Team

Walk-a-thon Reminder!



SMCM Walk-a-thon is on tomorrow.  Please ensure your child/children are wearing their sports uniform, and have their hat and drink bottle with them at school.  As it’s going to be a sunny day, it would also be advisable to apply your child’s/children’s sunscreen before they leave the house.

The Year 2 Team

We Need Your Help!

The Year Two Homegroups are looking for donations of shoeboxes, newspapers and magazines for our inquiry learning.

If you are able to assist us in collecting these materials, it would be greatly appreciated.


Year Two Team!

Hats, Drink Bottles & Sunscreen

Dear families,

With the onset of warmer weather, it is essential that your child/children have refillable drink bottles and hats while they are at school.  If your child does not have a hat, they can be purchased for $18 at reception.  If you require addition uniform items, they can be purchased online through the Academy Uniform website and they will be delivered to school.  It is also advisable that you make the application of  sunscreen part of your morning routine.  It takes 20 minutes for sunscreen to be effective against the suns rays.  We are happy to keep children’s personal sunscreen in the Learning Spaces, should they require extra application throughout the day.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Homegroup Teacher.

Kindest regards,

The Year 2 Team