Indigenous Literacy Day!

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It’s time to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day!

For the first time ever, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation invites primary and early learners, 3-11 years of age, across Australia to a very special Indigenous Literacy Day celebration presented in collaboration with the Sydney Opera House.

It’s time to move, shake and sing with a catchy melody sung by Australia’s favourite pop star, Jessica Mauboy – in two Indigenous languages, Tiwi, Mangarrayi, and English plus share a book reading of Yu Sabi Densdensbad? (Can you Dance?) in Kriol, by Cheryl Lardy and in English by Justine Clarke. Hosted by Indigenous author and performer Gregg Dreise and TV presenter Natalie Ahmat, this event gives our younger audiences a celebratory experience of Indigenous language and literacy. There is even a sneaky, cheeky visit by children’s author Andy Griffiths! 

Please click HERE or copy and paste the link below to view the live stream. It will commence at 2:00pm AEST on 2 September 2020.

Specialist Day Week 8 Term 3

Hello Year 2 Superstars!

We hope you are all proud of your learning in your Specialist Classes. We are amazed each week at what you are creating and exploring.

We love seeing you all at our Google Meets, so hope to see you again. You guys are experts at them now. Who will you have this week?!

Can’t wait to see all your learning posted on Seesaw today! Remember, you can do your classes in whatever order you choose. If you have any issues or questions, send an email to the teacher whose class it is. Our emails are on the slides. Have a fun day!

Joining your 9am Google Meet

Performing Arts with Kristie

Japanese with Sensei Yumi-san

PE with Lisa

Specialist Day Tuesday 25th August

Welcome to Specialist Day for Week 7 everyone! The weeks are flying by! 

We hope you are learning and having fun in your specialist classes each week. It is wonderful to see you all participating in all your tasks and seeing everyone on the Google Meet has been fantastic. No Kristie tomorrow morning – hmmm, who you will have?! Remember to enter the Meet in the fantastic way that you have been – keeping yourself on mute and using the chat to ask questions and say a nice hello.

Have a wonderful day of learning everyone!

Lisa, Kristie, Yumi, Jess and Yolanda.

How to join your Specialist Day Google Meet



Performing Arts


SMCM Spoonville

Spoonville is coming to SMCM!

Collect your Spoon from the box outside reception during your daily exercise.

Get creative and design and make your Spoony.

From Monday Spoonies can be added to the SMCM Spoonville on your daily exercise past the school.

Remember to follow the Spoonville Rules!

National Science Week

This week is National Science Week.

The theme of National Science Week 2020 is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans

Below you will find a slide show that is filled with science experiments, craft ideas and stories about the ocean that you might like to try today or over the weekend.

If you do try some of these ideas, we would love to see them so share them via Seesaw.

We hope you enjoy!

Specialist Day Week 6

Hello Year 2! Can you believe it is Week 6 already! All of us specialist teachers can’t believe what an amazing job you are doing at your Remote Learning each week. We hope you are enjoying your specialist classes.

Today you have a Google Meet at 9am with Kristie. Last week it was fantastic how everyone stayed on mute until asked to speak. Just like in our learning spaces! Have a think about 1 thing you would like to share with everyone tomorrow in our Google Meet. Maybe you lost a tooth, had a birthday, got a new cat! Who knows?! We would love to hear it! Remember too that the chat is there to say hello, but there is no need to write ‘hi’ 100 times each!

Here are the instructions to join your Google Meet again.

Here are your lessons for today. Keep up the great work everyone! We can’t wait to see your work on Seesaw!

Yumi, Lisa, Kristie, Jess and Yolanda

PE with Lisa

JAPANESE with Sensei Yumi


Week Five Reflection

We are at the end of another week. What did you enjoyed the most?

This week we continued to build on our multiplication skills. We worked on identifying how many groups there were and how many were in each group. We discussed that when it comes to writing an equation or writing it in words the amount of groups always goes first.

In Reading we explored the text ‘Pobblebonk‘. We used our visualisation skills to help us picture what animal could have been making that sound! In Writing we identified what an adverb is – a word that describes how the verb is being done.

How about those Mary MacKillop slides? It has been great to see you all fill in those slides section at a time. It shows how much we have learnt about our patron saint. Remember those slides are something you can work on throughout the week.

Who could forget the interviews about technology! It was so interesting to read the responses you gathered from your parents. We noticed there were lots of mentions about Nokia phones and their favourite game being ‘Snake’! Did anyone watch Geraldine’s video? It was also interesting to hear about black and white TV’s and having to hire a coloured one for special events!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What was one of the most interesting things you learnt about technology?

What is something new you learnt this week?

What is something that was a challenge but you were persistent and overcame it?

It has been a fun filled week of learning in Year Two!

We can’t wait to see what next week will bring!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

From Sarah, Clare, Vivian and Steph

Week 5 Term 3 Specialist Day!

Hello Year 2!

Welcome to Specialist Day for Week 5! Don’t forget you can do these activities in any order you decide. Remember to email the specialist teacher if you have any questions about your work. All of our emails are on our slides. Please also remember to post your amazing work to Seesaw. We love to see it!

Have fun today! Can’t wait to see you in your Google Meet at 9am. Please remember to put yourself on mute when you enter the Meet and remember to only write friendly things in the chat.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Kristie, Yumi, Lisa, Jess and Yolanda 🙂

9am Google Meet

Japanese with Sensei Yumi-san

PE with Lisa

Performing Arts with Kristie